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How to Overcome Head andes on Epson R230 Printer

How to Overcome Head andes on Epson R230 Printer

Head stuck or writing does not come out when the print is a common problem faced by all users of the printer includes all of us. One of the printers are often having clogged head problem is Epson. And this time we will discuss about How to Overcome Head andes on Epson Printers. Let's go straight to the scene ...

Causes of Head andes on Epson Printer:
1. Epson printers are rarely in use.
2. Epson printers are rarely performed maintenance (eg cleaning the print head).
3. Frequently changed dressing types and brands of ink epson
4. Too late for refilling the ink, resulting in overheating / heat in the Epson printer head.

Tools for Addressing Head andes on Epson Printer:
1. Cleaning fluid head (head cleaner), the brand is up to you.
2. Injections are equipped with a hose nozzle head for Epson
3. tissue

Here's How to Cope Head andes on Epson Printer:

1. Prepare an injection containing 5ml head cleaning fluid and tissue that has been in the fold, then put the rubber on the injection nozzle.

2. Position the head unit into the printer with the software or manually, and then take the catridge and unplug the printer power cable.
3. Head to the edge of the slide, then put a tissue paper roll evenly in front of the printer.
4. Plug the hose nozzle on the pole that headnya clogged Epson printer, and then pull inject up to 10ml, injection press slowly until the liquid runs out.

5. If the frozen ink resulting in clogging the nozzle is clogged head out on a tissue, then the nozzle cleaning process has been successful.
6. Replace the cartridge epson ink already loaded, Perform print head cleaning and nozzle check pattern in software / manual. And the head stuck on the Epson is resolved.

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