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How to service Compaq CQ40 laptop LCD

How to service Compaq laptop lcd. Compaq LCD blank white or black and striped (damaged).This happens on one laptop one of my friends who he said had long been broken and repaired lazy due to cost.The problem that arises in my friend's laptop is the emergence of white and colored lines at random so that over time the display on a laptop screen is not visible at all, because it has happened to the block by color or black and white by turns.How to fix a broken compaq striped like this is actually easy. From the easiest thing is to use the warranty service of your own laptop. But what if your warranty runs out? and you want to fix your laptop to the authorized service center? of course you will be charged a fairly expensive, especially we are still students or students who have not income.Like my friend has this laptop to service center membawwa HP (because compaq and hp so one) and the technician said "laptop can be fixed, and the price range of about 2.5 million to 4.5 million and should also be sent to Jakarta" wow i think at least a week tuh in jakarta. My friend also thought to spend that much, because the price is almost equal to a new laptop now.I am fun to offer a "dismantle" the goons laptop. Since I have little technical knowledge is inconsequential that I have from small (from unloading any way from the flame). After obtaining the consent of the owner of the laptop just my laptop surgery. 
1. I go to all the bolts at the bottom of the laptop body for ease of opening and chasing the top of the keyboard. 
2. Remove chasing the top, especially the part closest to the hinge LCD (LCD to remove the screw from the body). 
3. Remove flexyble cable attached to MB. And also off the mic cable and wifi antenna cables. 
4. Separate the LCD section prior to the MB to facilitate checking.• Replace the cable only flexyble alone without chasing conditions LCD (LCD sheet only).
 • While the laptop is turned on and the LCD you are holding, press and press ranging from local to regional flexyble existing main board on the back of the LCD that says do not touch (kok be held). 
5. Avoid holding the wires are white and pink, because cable is a high-voltage backlight for the dole.• In this case when I came to the main board (I hit) and the resulting picture so good or perfect without the lines it can be indicated that there are components that loggar section. It could be that loggar is flexyble from main board to the LCD panel LCD her directly. 
6.  As I said above, the origin of unloading from the flame, from 4.5 million in wasted money just my laptop these goons get around with something.
7. Initially I use Hansaplast (sorry call brands), but less successful due to poor adhesive power. 
8.  I use plaster of black cardboard and a little cotton which I attach to the back of the LCD. 
9. As a result, now I can post this article with a laptop that I have fix it.Hopefully useful and can become a reference to damage your laptop or go to the location of my service.Some of the documentation:
 Remove the LCD COMPAQ

Press the LCD Rear
Press LCD With Help Cotton and Adhesives
Good luck hopefully can help. do not forget your comments and suggestions we wait to share with us
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